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Part 28 by vanessa.
SoloTouch Initially a site focused on masturbation-themed erotica, Solo Touch now includes stories of masturbation and partner sex.Would you like me to remove it?I blushed a little as I felt my penis expand even more and I looked up into Mark's eyes.Best story to start with: The Kinky Poker Game Mike and Jim were standing by the head of the table, and Larry was at the foot.The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.» bathroom seen sexcy nagi movi Rated 0, Read 933 times, Posted 4 days ago Fantasy, bdsm, Bestiality, Body modification, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Extreme The World's First Futa 11 - Futa's Wild Presidency.Ch 05 by Vally68 «Incest, threesome, anal, cum swallow, bisexual, drugs, alcohol, mother daughter.» Rated 0, Read 6183 times, Posted Thu 10th of May 2018 True Story Jen's Life - Chapter five by jen1jen «Living with a dominant father, very submissive mum, and next door.Kara's Porn for Women.So, whether you're sneaking a peek from your desk at work (naughty, naughty!Take it all" he urged.» Rated.7, Read 11178 times, Posted 2 days ago Diary, Incest, Mature My Sister by tom8899 «He got the tip of his tongue in the funnel and pulled down on her hips and a really sensual mini fuck ensued.» Rated.

So often, we rush ourselves (and our partners) to orgasm without really incorporating our mind and whole body into the pleasurable experience.The site says its mission is to empower and educate women so that they can experience strong and healthy sex lives, leading to a positive impact not only on their relationships, but also on their lives overall.Then Larry and Ted placed my feet in the stirrups, at the end of leg rods, and fastened the ankle and foot straps.Evans «Ryan continues to expose me» Rated.3, Read 831 times, Posted Mon 23rd of July 2018 Fiction, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Written by women Ambushed by bj297220 «The Story of Tara Sammy and Kelly.His tongue enjoying my womanhood, invading me, using me, and taking full advantage of my vulnerability and desire.He had a lot going for him.Best story to start with: " " by Marcia Hooper "Blindfolded, Kellie stood, precariously balanced.His tongue then traced the glistening slit on my open vagina. .
Chapter 1 by lordofallsouls Rated.1, Read 2961858 times, Posted Tue 20th of December 2005 Fiction, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Female Domination, Incest Captured Family by John_2 Rated.6, Read 2666437 times, Posted Wed 1st of September 2004 Fiction, Anal, First Time, Incest, Rape.
Bdsm, lgbt, group sex, etc.